Digital Tachograph


 Do you need remote tachograph downloading? 


Tachograph GPS offers you an innovative service for remote download of digital tachograph data and driver´s card data. Allows download of data without the need of driver intervention. The managers of these data may choose to perform their downloads at any time or for a regular and automated download, always respecting the technical and legal requirements setted by the European Union.


Tachograph GPS  simplifies all the management process of tachograph and driver card data. It sends automatically downloaded files to the data analysis program that your company uses.

Regardless whether you use or not an application for data analysis platform, Taco alerts you by e-mail or SMS if it hasn´t been possible to download information from a tachograph or a driver card, and if the deadline could expire. Never will be a forgotten or delayed download.

By using remote download system is guaranteed to download tachograph and driver´s card data on time. 

The best guarantee against the oversights that can result in penalties of up to 6.000 euros.

Significant savings in time and cost: will no longer be performed on each vehicle the download of information manually.

  • Estimated time on remote download
    • The download and archive of data card represent an average of 30 minutes per month.
    • The download and archive of tachograph data represent an average of 1 hour per vehicle every 3 months.
  • Result using manual download
    • Immobilized vehicle 10 hours per year (excluding travel).
    • Non productive driver 10 hours/ year (excluding travel).
    • Manager spends 10 hours per year of work by each vehicle in the fleet .

Tacografo GPS  is suitable for VDO 1.3 and Stoneridge 7.0 version and above.