Do you need to know in advance the schedule start and finish of each route? 

Do you need security for your vehicles and employees?


Fixed Routes GPS is the most advanced and sophisticated market tool that provides real-time gps tracking for fleets fixed routes. This tool will help your company increase the security of your vehicles and employees and reduce your fleet operating costs.


You can receive alerts on your mobile phone via SMS and/or EMAIL:


Emergency Buttom


Start/End Route On-time Alert


Open/Close Door Alert


Start/End Route Delayed Alert


Out/In Route Alert



Fixed Routes GPS lets you design and configure simple and easy routes for your vehicles and control in real-time the compliance status of each route.

You will evaluate and optimize your existing routes, schedule your routes taking into account your vehicles and staff constraints (loadings, delivery slots, technician’s qualifications), export your dispatching plannings to your drivers’ Smart phones and PDA and reduce the cost of routes by 15% and improve your productivity!.

Fixed Routes GPS lets you respect delivery time slots and match vehicle with a customer need. 


Could I use this producto with any vehicle brand or model?
Yes. Fixed Routes GPS is designed for any vehicle model; cars, vans, trucks, buses, etc. ...

What kind of business I can use this product?
 Fixed Routes GPS is designed for companies with vehicles that require monitoring and supervision, such as commercial companies, transport and logistics, rental and assistance, etc... 

What must be installed in each vehicle?
 You need to install a small device in each vehicle completely hidden.

How long it took to install each vehicle?
One hour for each vehicle.

Do I have to install an application on my company computers ?
 No. You do not have to make any investment in IT and you can access all services through any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari).

How do I install GPS devices in my fleet?
 We have a network of installers with 300 points.

How much it cost Flee Manager GPS?
 Less than two euro day per vehicle. No hidden cost!.

Could I install a demo vehicle?
Yes, contact us and you could try this product.

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