Fuel GPS


 Do you need to control fuel consumption? 

 Did you know that 20% of fuel savings can be achieved for only driving better?


Fuel GPS puts in your hands a powerful tool to manage your fleet  through a simple and intuitive interface. Fuel GPS provides driver behaviour management to reduce fuel used by 20%. FuelGPS monitors and reports fleet CO² emissions through driver performance management and identify individual training needs and encourage better and more economical driving.

 The mail features are:

  • Real fuel consumption
  • Instant fuel levels.
  • Iddling times and activity reports.
  • Driving eficiency based on can bus telemetry
  • Eficiencia en la conducción (en base a telemetría Can Bus de cada vehículo)

Fuel GPS helps you control and reduce vehicle operating costs, allowing your company be more competitive. This tool lets you manage your fleet in real time from anywhere (Internet or any mobile phone); perform GPS tracking, routes control, set speed and zone alarms and receive SMS an Email notifications alerts.

This product has been designed with particular attention to usability and customer experience. Our customers help us every day to improve this product. It does not take more than 15 minutes to learn to use this product.