June 2013       ZELERIS

Jetfoo and Telef√≥nica agree the Routes GPS Solution implementation in "arrastre" fleet.                                                   Read more...


In Jetfoo, we aspire to become your consultant in technology, especially in the use of these to your business. Mobility solutions applied to business management are a very high added value to reduce costs and improve productivity. However, there are many factors to consider for proper definition, implementation and commissioning.

It is therefore our intention to make strategic consulting , that derives the greatest benefit, reduce time to adapt to the new operating environment and ensure competitive advantage over conventional solutions.


Within this vocation, we provide services that, make Jetfoo the best choice  in the design and implementation of movility solutions. The major services our consultancy teams offer include:

 Strategic consultancy to improve your management processes

 ROI Analysis &  KPI's measures

 Expertise to structure movility solucions to reflect your own company practices

 Dedicated Training courses

 Customer Service and Technical Support.